About us

SAPTU is a politically neutral union for any employee working in South Africa. The union was initially established to serve members in the parastatal and tertiary institutions fields in 1993, but now represent a wide range of members from the agricultural, hospitality, security and construction industries.

We are affiliated with FEDUSA, SATUCC, the ILO and ITUC-CSI. SAPTU and its members benefit from the collective knowledge of these affiliations, which contributes to greater participation and strength. Furthermore, SAPTU has the opportunity to influence legislation through FEDUSA and is represented on various national bodies, including NEDLAC. This enables SAPTU to keep abreast of all new legislation and essential labour developments.

What we do

SAPTU will look after your interests at the workplace, ensuring your employer treats you fairly. Now more than ever, a union must protect the work environment in the fight against poverty in South Africa. Low economic growth directly impacts the high levels of poverty, poor education, inadequate social security, unsafe working environments, unemployment, long strike actions, gender and wage inequality, unproductivity and absenteeism.

The South African Constitution recognises trade unions and provides for the right to join trade unions and collectively bargain and strike. This has translated into the Labour Relations Act, which established the working framework for unions and employers to reduce industrial relations conflict.

What we offer


The union has highly trained officials and staff who assists members with all their labour-related issues. We represent members in the following:

  • Disciplinary hearings
  • Grievance procedures
  • Retrenchments / Redundancies
  • Unfair Labour Practices
  • Unfair dismissals
  • Medical and disability matters
  • Legal assistance

Collective Bargaining

On behalf of our members, we engage the employer on:

  • Wage negotiations
  • Benefits
  • Issues of mutual interest

Basic Conditions of Employment

We look after your interests in the workplace:

  • Working hours
  • Overtime
  • Leave
  • Short time
  • Safe working conditions
  • Protection against exploitation
  • Any changes to your conditions of employment
  • Salary negotiations