Equality - Dignity - Prosperity


SAPTU is a union for any employee working in South Africa. Originally established to serve members in the parastatal and tertiary institutions fields, we now represent a wide range of members, including the agricultural and hospitality industries.

We believe that the prosperity and dignity of our members are the most important values to protect in their place of work.

To that end, SAPTU maintains good relations with employers to support members during salary negotiations, conditions of service, grievances and disputes.

In addition, SAPTU members receive advice on legal and financial matters, as well as up to date information surrounding labour issues through our valuable affiliations.


SAPTU will look after your interests at the
workplace, ensuring your employer treats you fairly.

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SAPTU commits to deliver the professional services below, at all times.


Collective Bargaining

Basic Conditions of Employment

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Latest News

Mixed reaction to budget

SAPTU (South African Parastatal and Tertiary Institutions Union) is of the opinion that the Minister of Finance’s Budget Speech is well balanced. The relief therein

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10 Reasons
why unions are important

If you join a trade union, you are joining a group that will negotiate workplace issues such as salary, hours of work, and other conditions, on your behalf.

Trade unions champion equal rights and equal pay. They foster respect and dignity in the workplace.

You stand to get better protection from unfair treatment and victimisation and increased job security.

You have the benefit of skilled negotiators and trained labour specialists who will strive to get the best possible deal for workers in their workplaces.

Unions can also help with other aspects of working life, such as accompanying you to a disciplinary hearing and representing you if you’re in dispute with your employers.

Trade unions play a leading role in civil society that includes keeping the government in check on matters affecting the general public.

It is the role of trade unions to ensure changes in working conditions and wages are sustainable and not a financial burden to business.

Unionised workplaces are safer because trade unions won’t let workers put their lives at risk to meet production targets or save the company money.

Trade unions can stimulate job creation through skills development. Human capital development through education, training and health programmes are crucial in reinforcing a strategic factor in advancing development by improving the quality and efficiency of workers.

A union provide members with legal and financial advice.

get help @ work

Uncertain about procedures, your rights or any other labour related queries at your place of work? SAPTU can assist you.