We are completely overwhelmed by the response we’ve had to our Mandela Day event / Winter Warmer Campaign!


SAPTU partnered with Legal Aid SA on the 18th July to generously give time and showed Ubuntu up with arms loaded full of wonderful donations and took to the day with such enthusiasm that the Nondzondelelo Soup Kitchen and Day Care Centre reverberated with it!  The donation of Soup every month is made by SAPTU to get rid of the social ills in our society and more families are benefiting from this scheme, this will continue for a year and it is all because of YOU SAPTU!


We so appreciate and deeply treasure your support.


Nelson Mandela once said:  “To the extent that I have been able to achieve anything, I know that this is because I am the product of the people of South Africa.”  We think he would have loved seeing all of us together on Monday! 


And we have hope for this country, because of organization like you.


Thank you again.