Newsletter of the Internal Staff Association (ISA) Branch of SAPTU – April 2017

Dear ISA members

A proficiency assessment panel has been appointed by the employer, consisting of nine members:
6 specialists (one from each region)
1 HR representative
1 labour representative
1 chairperson
There will also be an audit team.

The employer anticipates that the process will take place during May and June.

The employer has made a submission to the Remuneration and HR Committee (RHRC) of the Board for a five-year phased in approach for the three services (cleaning, security and gardening) to be insourced. The employer advised labour that the RHRC and FINCOM have requested a submission of the financial implications of insourcing these services. Before implementation of insourcing, the cost implications have to be considered and approved. Labour proposed that by 1 May 2017 the employer finalise the process of advertising the posts. Labour agreed that the employer retain the current salaries of potential employees with additional NHLS benefits.

Performance moderation committee
The employer tabled a proposal to have a performance moderation committee established. The purpose of the committee will be to assess the performance results. Labour is to be included in the committee. A pilot exercise will be conducted.

Essential service application
Essential services refer to a class of occupations that have been legislated to have special restrictions in regard to labour actions, such as not being allowed to legally strike. The Labour Relations Act provides for an Essential Services Committee which has the task of deciding which services fall within the definition. Only a handful of industries have been certified as essential services. The employer reported that the NHLS’ Remuneration and HR Committee gave the Legal Department an instruction to run with the Essential Services application. Labour requested the employer to withdraw the essential service application and to bring the matter to BLRF for discussion. The employer agreed to request the withdrawal of the application so that the matter can be discussed in BLRF first.

Annual wage negotiations
Labour tabled their demands, including a 13% salary increase, in February. At the last BLRF meeting the employer indicated that they had no mandate and that the matter must be postponed for consideration. Labour made it clear that they are not impressed with the employer’s sluggish response.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact ISA by return email or