Newsletter of the Internal Staff Association (ISA) Branch of SAPTU – Oct 2017

Proficiency assessment vs progression placement

The majority (by a small margin)of ISA core staff members who responded to our request to indicate whether they preferred the newly proposed progression placement (Option 1) or the traditional proficiency assessment (Option 2) opted for Option 1.
Option 1 will be presented to the NHLS Board for approval. In the Bargaining and Labour Relations Forum meeting on 3rd October the employer indicated that the Board’s decision to go-ahead or to reject the new plan would be given on 11 October. If approved, the progression placement plan will be implemented in the November pay run.

To clarify Option 1: The new proposed plan for health professional categories with 6 years and longer uninterrupted service before October 2016 in their current role and grade and who received less than a R22 500 adjustment during the 2015/16 Remuneration and Reward project is as follows:
a) 1.5% for 6-10 years
b) 2.5% for 11-15 years plus R5 000 once off lump sum
c) 3.5% for 16-20 years plus R10 000 once off lump sum
d) 4.1% for 21-25 years plus R15 000 once off lump sum
e) 6% for 26+ years plus R20 000 once off lump sum

Following the adjustments, all categories will be migrated to their respective approved medical pay scales which have levels 1, 2 and 3. Those who benefitted >R22500 in the R&R project, will not be entitled to the above but will also be moved to either level 1, 2 or 3 based on their salary.

But what if the Board does not approve the above proposed plan?
Then it’s back to the signed agreement of proficiency assessment – and this could time-consuming. The process would be assessments by a committee based on the proficiency matrix with portfolio of evidence by you.

Grade discrepancies
Grade discrepancies of lab clerks and phlebs and phleb techs have been addressed and a document for the latter is forthcoming. The employer is currently addressing those of lab managers and supervisors and will give feedback on the steps being taken to correct these discrepancies in the next BLRF meeting.

Other specific issues regarding grade discrepancies should be reported to the employer. If you are one of those querying your grade, please send the specifics to ISA’s BLRF representative at

Overtime back pay
Back pay on overtime is being re-calculated and will be implemented in the October pay run.

Gardeners: The employer reported that the process is on track. Most of the gardeners in Braamfontein and Sandringham have been appointed, bar a few whose qualifications are being verified.
Security: An advert for a security manager will be placed this month with security supervisors and officers to follow early in the new year. The insourced security service should go live in April 2018.
Cleaners: The number of cleaners required is being finalised and this service should be insourced in February next year.