NISA Newsletter of the Internal Staff Association (ISA) Branch of SAPTU April 2016

Dear ISA Members


2016/2017 Annual Salary and Wage Negotiations (ASWN)


At last week’s Bargaining and Labour Relations Forum, negotiations for the 2016/2017 commenced. ISA published the demands in the Newsletter which was distributed on 24 February. The employer started by rejecting many of the issues tabled; in fact, the majority of these were issues on the table last year and were then rejected as well. These include:

  • Introduction of:
  1. 13th cheque
  2. Danger allowance of R500 (for drivers, receiving clerks, messengers, cleaners and any other job categories potentially exposed to infectious organisms)
  3. Health and safety representatives allowance of R1000
  • Rural allowance: To increase by percentage increase and laboratory sites categorisation aligned with that of government.
  • Housing allowance: R1 500.00
  • Core skills allowance adjustment to 12%
  • Shift allowance:  R45.00 or 40% of hourly rate whichever is greater
  • Working week: change from 80 hours (over 2 weeks) to 40 hours (over one week)
  • Scope of the bargaining unit to include D band staff
  • Maternity leave:  increased to 6 consecutive months
  • Long service awards:

5 years                  26 days of leave

10 years               R10 000 (30 days leave)

15 years               R15 000

20 years               R20 000

25 years               R25 000

30 years               R30 000

35 years               R35 000

40 years               R40 000


Due to the rejection of the above by the employer, a dispute was declared which will be discussed on 7 April 2016.


Implementation of salary scales

In ISA’s last newsletter we explained that the outstanding Phase I adjustments as well as the Phase II adjustments to be paid in April.


All A-C band medical scales will migrate to the general and management scales as the latter scales are higher, except the Medical Technologist Principal level (which is equivalent to C3) and Medical Technologist Expert level (equivalent to C4) which WILL NOT migrate to the General and Management scales; their pay scales will remain as set out in the Pay Scale document dated 01/12/15 and attached for your information.


All staff who receive an adjustment, will receive a letter by 8 April 2016 explaining the new scale and salary.