NISA Newsletter of the Internal Staff Association (ISA) Branch of SAPTU – December 2016

Dear ISA members

BLRF Resolutions from the meeting on 30 November 2016

Item Resolution Comments
General and Management1% progression General and Management – a 1% of the annual salary bill of grades A-D1 of basic salary is budgeted. This value is R8.3 million. Those that have received a value of >R15000 as lump sum in the R&R project and those that are < 3 years in their current position will not be included. Labour to propose alternative scenarios with assistance from HR on how this is to be implemented.Labour to pronounce on the outcome once the breakdown has been received as per submitted demands.
Pay progression (A-D1) A 1.5% per year has been agreed for Performance Pay Progression for all staff that have achieved a score of 3 in their assessments. For staff that have scores of 4 and 5, a once off bonus as proposed by the BLRF and approved by the Board, will be implemented.
Grade Discrepancies The employer indicated that there are no jobs that have been downgraded and committed that based on job profiling report, all jobs that have been listed as downgraded will be discussed at a special meeting still to be finalized. BLRF to explore, present and conclude alternatives to harmonization grade discrepancies by 2017. Not later than end of February
Working Hours 40/45 hours per week. The employer expressed their commitment to a 45 hour week. The definition of a week is Monday to Sunday. To pilot in January to March in selected labs. Final proposal to be presented to BLRF for final implementation.. 1 January 2016, pilot study specifics will be submitted to the BLRF.
Policy Review It was agreed that the BLRF will be consulted on all policies. The employer committed that if there are any material changes in policies raised at the BLRF, it would be raised with the board and feedback would be given to the forum.
Core Skills Allowances Will be implemented in December 2016 as per collective agreement. Labour requested that the employer furnish the different categories of staff that will be affected as the last memo omitted certain categories.
Maternity Leave The following was agreed:<1 year = 2 year work back<2 years = 1 year work back

>2 years = no work back

Unlimited confinements

New Pay Scales This was provided and all issues were discussed and accepted. The final signed copy to be distributed to Labour.
Festive Half Day It was agreed that the Festive Half day be resurrected. The employer will make a submission to the Board for approval. All staff that are working over Christmas and New Year will be given a half day either before Christmas or New Year. All staff on leave during this period will not be entitled to this half day. Board decision is awaited. To be announced if approved.