NISA Newsletter of the Internal Staff Association (ISA) Branch of SAPTU Feb 2017

1. Core Skills Allowance

The core skills allowance has been implemented and backdated to 1 April 2016. Any queries or omissions can be sent to ISA.

2. Insourcing

The gardening services’ contracts have expired and the implementation of insourcing will commence shortly. The cleaning services will be a phased in approach and will be implemented as soon as their contracts expire. The total implementation will be by 1 April 2017. Management agreed to submit the structural proposal to the RHRC special meeting. Advertisement of positions will be done once approved. Security is hired for protection services only and 100% integration will be by 1 April 2017. At the next BLRF meeting the employer will present the numbers and the proposal for absorption. There will be a phased approach over 3-4 years on salaries.

3. Participation in Recruitment and Selection

This was agreed to by the employer. Shop stewards can now participate in interviews for job grades A-D1. This includes from shortlisting to interviews. All HR offices nationally are to notify Nehawu and the HIP alliance of interviews.

4. Training of Shop Stewards

The employer has engaged the Training Department and Procurement Department to assist with training of shop stewards. ISA has sent a list of its representatives to the employer. The training of shop stewards for selection and recruitment is being implemented regionally.

5. Working Hours

The 40 hour / 45 hour week as per BCEA was in question. The employer has agreed to pilot the 40 hour week in its small, medium and large laboratories. Feedback will be given at the next BLRF meeting.

6. 13th Cheque

The prorated 13th cheque for retirees has been agreed to but the challenge was for those that retired prior to December 2016.

7. Proficiency

The tool for the Health Professionals has been completed and has been approved by the RHRC and the Board. The implementation for the proficiency was proposed to finish by end of March 2017, or latest by the first week of April 2017.

8. Performance Management Pay Progression

All staff who score a 3 in the PMS will have an adjustment of 1.5% on the annual salary package. Those that score 4 and 5 will get an additional once off bonus as well. This has not been determined or negotiated as yet.

For the non-core staff, an amount of R8.3 million has been set aside. The proposals for implementation has not been agreed to as yet.

9. Overpayments by the employer

With the implementation of the new salary scales, there were many errors and some of the errors were overpayment to staff. These amounts were supposed to have been deducted from members but unions put a hold on the deductions because of tax implications on the members. All processes concerning tax have been resolved and the employer now wants to retrieve all monies of overpayment. The unions made it clear to the employer that payment arrangement must be made in consultation with members. Letters will be sent to members shortly.

10. Policy Review

On 27 February 2017, policies concerning members will be discussed i.e. Conditions of Employment and Disciplinary and Grievance.

11. Annual Substantial and Wage Negotiations (ASWN)

ISA would like to encourage members to send a list of demands for the 2017/18 ASWN.

12. ISA shop stewards/representatives

Below is a list of ISA shop stewards/representatives you may contact for assistance. As a branch of the SAPTU, ISA members also have access to SAPTU’s shop stewards and labour advocate.

ISA’s administrative office can also be called on (011) 489-9991 or emailed at