NISA Newsletter of the Internal Staff Association (ISA) Branch of SAPTU – July 2016

Dear ISA members
HIP alliance dissatisfaction
The HIP (Hospersa, ISA and PSA) alliance has made it very clear that it is not satisfied with the manner in which the NHLS Management conducts wage negotiations. This is the second time that they have bypassed the structure of the BLRF that is governed by the Recognition Agreement policy and BLRF Constitution policy. The HIP Alliance will be engaging the CEO on this matter.
At yesterday’s BLRF meeting it was agreed by Nehawu and the HIP alliance that the wage demands that were agreed to by Management be endorsed by the Labour component of the BLRF. This will be circulated to all staff via General Communication.

ASWN agreement
We had some concerns from members about the 13th cheque agreed to but we are happy to report that this is over above and will not come out of your current package. The 100% implementation of the 13th cheque will be by December 2016. Those that have set aside monies towards their 13th cheque will be stopped by payroll. They will be paid out the monies at the end of July 2016. Tax recovery will be for those that have not made provision for tax on a monthly basis.
The forum agreed that the month of implementation for the ASWN agreement would be August 2016, backdated to 1 April 2016.
The 7.6% salary increase will be for A-C band on the new basic salary. For the D1 band the 7.6% will be on total cost to company.
The living allowance will be unbundled and increased from R1200.00 to R1500 per month.
The medical aid capping which has increased from R2285 to R2514 also requires retrospective manual reconciliations for April, May, June and July 2016; and then refund those who were already above the cap.
The long service awards for leave and monetary values will be adjusted effective April 2016 and all those who are eligible and paid between April and July will get an updated difference. The leave updates from 26 to 30 days and 32 days for the last 3 categories will be part of the system update.
The implementation of the new salary scales for the D band and above will be implemented at the end of July 2016.
ISA would like to thank all their members for their patience during the bargaining process.