PRESS RELEASE: SAPTU confident about employment outlook in economic recovery plan

SAPTU is confident that the four legs of South Africa’s economic reconstruction and recovery plan will be beneficial to workers and the country.

President Ramaphosa addressed a hybrid Joint Sitting of the National Assembly (NA) and the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) to outline these plans this afternoon. He said the key focus of the project is job creation, and it will be based on a significant infrastructure programme and a large-scale employment stimulus, coupled with an intensive localisation drive and industrial expansion.

“We look forward to the boost in public employment,” says adv Ben van der Walt, the general secretary of SAPTU. “The plan to harness the energies and capabilities of the broader society through the input of Nedlac, where we have representation, will do much to help the economy to recover. A country cannot solve unemployment and poverty if they don’t look to society for support.”

The support to teachers in the form of school assistants is a big step forward, and our members in tertiary institutions will reap the benefits of better-schooled students in years to come.

SAPTU supports the president’s announcement about the drive to grow local production as a renewed drive for industrial growth.

“We support the president’s vision of seizing opportunities through effective partnerships, targeted deployment of resources and the right policies and will keep him to that,” says adv Van der Walt.

Issued by:                  SAPTU
Date:                           15 October 2020

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