PRESS RELEASE: SAPTU optimistic about plans in SONA, but missed focus on training and funding

SAPTU is cautiously optimistic about the announcements made in President Cyril Ramaphosa’s State of the Nation last night.

“We see a clear commitment to creating jobs, act against corruption and help the economy to recover,” says Adv Ben van der Walt. “However, it remains to be seen how sustainable these grand plans will be in the current South African context.”

According to research from the International Labour Organisation (ILO), statistical data shows evidence that productivity improvement is directly linked to economic and social progress. It indicates that with an increase in both productivity and employment, there is also poverty reduction. The statistics show that there is a vicious cycle between low skills, low productivity, and poverty in most African countries.

“We would like to see a drive from the government to promote tertiary training to improve skills development in those industries which will serve the country’s needs,” says Adv van der Walt. “Higher-skilled persons will result in higher productivity and put South Africa on the map to compete globally.”

SAPTU wants to know where the funding for the extra job opportunities in the Presidential Stimulus Programme will come from seeing as the government claims there are no funds available to honour the wage agreement for the public sector.

“Government should not just create jobs for the sake of creating jobs,” says Adv Van der Walt. “The government should strengthen the economy to warrant the need for new and sustainable jobs and remuneration. Only then will poverty be eradicated.”

Issued by:                  SAPTU

Date:                           12 February 2021

Enquiries:                  Adv Ben van der Walt, General Secretary SAPTU                                                           Cell.: 083 260 8548