SAPTU actively looks for solutions to ease pressure on local budgets

If the cost of living continues to rise, it will be difficult for most South Africans to sustain their livelihoods. Therefore, SAPTU (South African Parastatal and Tertiary Institutions Union) calls on organisations, individuals and the government to suggest ways to ease the pressure on local budgets.

Even though the government extended its general fuel price levy intervention until the beginning of August, drivers will have to fork out more than R24 per litre, with another significant increase coming in July. That makes our fuel some of the most expensive on the African continent.

“It is getting increasingly difficult for our members to get to work and make an adequate living,” says Adv Ben van der Walt, the General Secretary of SAPTU.

Stats SA recorded food inflation at 6,2% in the latest Consumer Price Index. However, other independent groups put the yearly food price inflation at 11,4%.

“We have members in the agricultural sector and work closely with its representative organisations,” says Adv Van der Walt. “Because commercial farmers take prices instead of making it, and they’ve had to pay exceptionally high minimum wages these past few years, more and more of them are either moving towards mechanisation, bowing out of agriculture or taking their expertise out of the country. This adds to unemployment in rural areas and more expensive products as it becomes less available.”

Add the electricity and water issues, and the South African picture does not look rosy in the next few years.

“Many of our members have children studying to ensure a good future for themselves. But if it gets too expensive to pay for tuition, we will have even more unskilled and often underpaid or out-of-work labourers in the country,” Adv Van der Walt continues. “When we put our members working in the tertiary sector into the calculation of the unemployed, it looks devastating.”

SAPTU is realistic about the future but does not want only to point out the negatives. With this in mind, it is actively looking for solutions for members and all South Africans. Any individual, organisation or even government body can contact us with suggestions to make our lives livable in the future. Send suggestions to

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