SAPTU emphasises equal opportunities on Women’s Day

On this Women’s Day, SAPTU wishes all of South Africa’s women well and celebrates all the efforts made to empower women. But as a union committed to true prosperity, we want to see more emphasis on education opportunities for young girls instead of artificially creating equality later on.

As a union with many female members – also in our top structures – we realise that women can only be empowered when independent. As proven by our female members in the medical and higher education sectors, women are much better off financially, physically, and emotionally when they have a good job.    

“Our hope for the future is for an equal society where women will serve in positions of power because they are the best candidate,” says Adv Ben van der Walt, general secretary of SAPTU (South African Parastatal and Tertiary Institutions Union). “We want to see a mind-shift where young girls are encouraged to aim high, and they have the support to fulfil their dreams.”

SAPTU wants to commemorate the 20 000 women who stood up in 1956 for a better South Africa. May we honour them by investing in the daughters of our country.

Issued by:                  SAPTU

Date:                           9 August 2021

Enquiries:                  Adv Ben van der Walt, General Secretary SAPTU                                                                Cell.: 083 260 8548