SAPTU Newsletter – OCTOBER 2016


The South African Parastatal and Tertiary Institutions Union (SAPTU) – as a recognized union operating in the tertiary sector – is seriously concerned about and out rightly rejects the escalating actions by rogue elements disguised as students, in destroying university facilities and buildings. These unjustifiable actions are preventing and denying students of their constitutional right to basic and further education.

It is also very concerning that our government and university authorities express their apprehensions week after week about the untenable situation, yet it appears that no definite solutions are being concretized to remedy the situation that has now become uncontrollable.

SAPTU is also seriously concerned about the negative impact of the demands on our members at various universities. These vary from physical threats, and psychological impacts to the most critical concern regarding the possibility of job losses and income security. Employee wellness should likewise remain a crucial priority for the various institutions, where the psychological consequences may well necessitate short and long term counselling if the matter is not resolved with urgency.   

SAPTU’s members are now also concerned that the current demands may only be the beginning of continuous new demands in future, such as the transformation of the structure of academic focus which might have a consequence of lowering academic and scientific standards. Our global competitiveness and international ratings cannot be further compromised, after the dismal relegation in the QS World University Rankings Survey announced last month. All South African universities which had previously featured in the survey conducted by the higher education think tank QS Quacquarelli, declined in rank – some by more than 100 places.

SAPTU will monitor the situation carefully and remain vigilant and concerned about the job and income security of all our members at universities.


George and its surrounding areas have in later years seen much expansion in terms of businesses, industries and the hospitality sector. SAPTU will therefore revive its union presence and appoint a new manager with many years of in depth experience in the trade union movement. We are also appointing a secretary to help with the smooth running of the office. More about this exciting development in our next newsletter.


SAPTU is particularly concerned about the welfare of farm workers and has a large presence in the Western Cape through our Stellenbosch office. We were also delighted to learn that our Federation, FEDUSA, was invited by the Minister of Labour to participate in a workshop with the farming community in the Mooketsi area of Limpopo. This area has a huge number of migrant workers from Mozambique and therefore that country’s Minister of Labour was also invited. Discussions concentrated on compliance with labour standards.


SAPTU has now also been appointed by Nedlac as a member of the Aquaculture SA Task Team. This task team deals with the recognition of freshwater aquaculture and the development of marine aquaculture.

SAPTU is now also being invited to become part of the Overberg Esta Forum Meeting in the Western Cape which deals with tenure security, evictions and provided opportunities for long term security in terms of rural development and reform requirements.


The Nedlac Task Team on the national minimum wage had a meeting with Deputy President Cyril Ramophosa on 22 October 2016 to finalise the matter. Negotiations had not been finalised yet


SAPTU raised objection with Management due to the fact that salaries have not being paid on 14 October 2016 but on Saturday 15 October 2016 and demand that Management must:

  • To address the issue as a matter of extreme urgency;
  • To furnish an acceptably comprehensive explanation of the cause thereof;
  • To state what has or will be done to prevent a reoccurrence;
  • To engage with employees who suffered actual financial loss occasioned by Legal Aid SA’s branch of contract, and, at the very least;
  • To apologize

Due to the aforegoing Legal Aid SA also face serious budget financial constraints which will have a negative effect on performance of our employees SAPTU suggested to Management that there should be no reduction of funds with regard to the performance incentive bonus scheme. Due to the difficult financial situation we also request Management that items such as pension fund and medical contributions should not be adversely affected.

Our Chairperson Mr D Weideman also made various important suggestions and his document will be sent to all our Legal Aid members as a separate document.

Productivity SA

SAPTU attended the yearly Productivity SA award ceremony which was a huge success and we again wish to support them in their endeavours to assist companies and workers with skills development in South Africa.


SAPTU’S calendars for 2017 have been printed and will shortly be distributed to our members.