SAPTU, your friend and protector in workplace

The current economic state of South Africa and its citizens are strenuous at best. People operate on shoestring-budgets and being a paying member of any kind of organisation is one of the expenses that are first up for a rethink when times get tough, but the flipside of the conversation is that now more than ever you need to protect yourself in the workplace and being a member of the South African Parastatal and Tertiary Institutions Union (SAPTU) is worth every cent.

If you join through universities, parastatals, state and public entities or as an individual you pay R75 per month. If you are a working member of the agricultural or hospitality industry you pay R50 per month. What can you get for R75 per month at present?

Prices of basic groceries at present (on average) – for a bread, 2l milk, margarine, oats, rice, etc. – comes to approximately R150 and will last for a week or a bit longer. When you type in Google “What can I buy for R75” you basically get car deals for R75 a day or Vodacom data deals!

“SAPTU is to be your friend and protector in the workplace,” said Adv Ben van der Walt, SAPTU general secretary.


“SAPTU offers representation, collective bargaining and basic conditions of employment. We realise that its tough out there and worldwide financially, but that is actually a very good reason to join SAPTU. We are here to protect your income by representing you on any and every level in your workplace. If you have job, you can join an union. AT SAPTU we have collective and individual memberships.”


The union has highly trained officials and staff who assists members with all their labour-related issues. SAPTU represent members in the following: Disciplinary hearings; Grievance procedures; Retrenchments / Redundancies; Unfair Labour Practices; Unfair dismissals; Medical and disability matters; Legal assistance.

SAPTU engages on behalf of the employee on: Wage negotiations, benefits and issues of mutual interest.

SAPTU looks after your interests in the workplace with regards to: Working hours; Overtime; Leave; Short time; Safe working conditions; Protection against exploitation; Any changes to your conditions of employment; Salary negotiations.

“There are various reasons to join SAPTU and everyone is important, but some of the more important reasons are if you join a trade union, you are joining a group that will negotiate workplace issues such as salary, hours of work, and other conditions, on your behalf.

“You stand to get better protection from unfair treatment and victimisation and increased job security. We can also help with other aspects of working life, such as accompanying you to a disciplinary hearing and representing you if you’re in dispute with your employers,” added Adv Van der Walt.

Photo by Headway on Unsplash