Something must be done about farm murders

SAPTU could not agree more with the President and the Minister of Agriculture when it comes to the statement that the government needs to get involved to stop farm attacks and murders.

Minister of Agriculture Thoko Didiza recently read a letter from President Cyril Ramaphosa in which he strongly condemns farm murders and attacks. The fact that these attacks – that includes murder, vandalism and theft – have a greater impact on the country’s economy is admitted.

It has an impact on agriculture in general and food security that impacts the whole of South Africa.

SAPTU hopes that these weren’t only empty words for the crowd it was delivered to, but that both the president and the minister will take action to assure farmers and farm workers that their safety is important to the government of South Africa.

The time is long overdue for farmers and farm workers to get the recognition they deserve for the role they play in the South African economy.

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