Noluthando Maqungu (Thandi) (right) took full advantage of the handing over of the wheelchairs event to inform Nelson Mandela Bay Mayor Danny Jordaan about Legal Aid SA‘s participation and other projects she is busy with like Soup Kitchen.  Thandi is aware of the challenges faced by people in wheelchairs.

Legal Aid has appointed me as a Brand Ambassador since 2010.

I am the School Governing Body Chairperson for Young Park Primary School, 98% of the children attending at this school are Black.  I give Ballroom dance lessons once a week on weekends at this school, this is to try to teach young girls and boys manners and get rid of the social ills of our community.



I started a soup kitchen in 2011, I was sponsored by Marina Sea Salt with a 20kg bag of soup and vegetables every month for the whole year in 2011.  This idea was motivated by the poor circumstances of Kwazakhele location, Port Elizabeth.  The habitats in the area are shacks and the head of the household families are teenagers who lost their parents to HIV/AIDS.   We are able to give soup inside the church twice per week after school.

My wish is to be able to feed these children and families before they go to school in the morning and after school.  Everybody knows that it’s difficult to grasp anything on an empty stomach.

Because of lack of resources I sometimes have to dig in my pocket to buy a bag of soup.  It makes me sad to see that I am failing our poor community who go to bed hungry any help or assistance will be appreciated because we have no sponsors at the moment.